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Getting started

What's ClickLink? How does it work?

With all of users, ClickLink’s the largest and fastest growing classified web app to platform with direct service provider. Our free web app makes it easy to sell what you don’t need and find great deals nearby on what you do. Posting something for sale is as simple as taking a photo because ClickLink’s the only platform of its kind that automatically titles and categorizes your listing using artificial intelligence and image recognition.

Is ClickLink free?

Yes! ClickLink is 100% free and doesn’t charge direct sellers/advertiser a fee for posting their listings. We take a percentage from our users' sales depend only with our service agents. ClickLink offers in-app purchases to allow you to feature your listing. It's an optional feature that we added to help users who want to draw extra attention to their listings.

What are the ClickLink Terms & Conditions?

You can read the full ClickLink Terms & Conditions here and our Privacy Policy here.

Does ClickLink have a Windows Phone or Kindle Fire app?

The ClickLink website is currently available only you can use the ClickLink website through PCs, your phone’s browser to find listings near you, post listings, communicate with service agents and sign up or log into your account.